xD team, U.S. Census Bureau

2023 - present

I am an Emerging Technology Fellow with the xD team at the U.S. Census Bureau, conducting research on the societal impacts of AI and how to use privacy enhancing technologies to enable model audits. 

Institute for Experiential AI, Northeastern University

2023 - 2024

I am a Senior Research Scientist researching how to operationalize responsible machine learning practice in practical settings, ranging from social media to healthcare. 


2021 - 2023

On the ML Ethics, Transparency, and Accountability (META) team, I worked to understand the impacts of Twitter's recommendation systems on real people. As part of that work, I experimented with metrics borrowed from economics to measure inequality of outcomes on Twitter. 


2018 - 2021

I work as a Machine Learning Scientist tackling algorithmic research related to Lightmatter's novel photonic processor. Work includes studying how to accelerate common neural net workloads most efficiently and the effects of quantization on model accuracy.


2016 - 2018

Team lead for DARPA-funded project on automated vulnerability detection and repair in C/C++ source code. Helped develop a novel GAN-based framework for training a sequence-to-sequence network to perform repairs without the need for paired training examples

ATLAS Experiment

2011 - 2016

My graduate work focused on the Higgs Boson, from its discovery, to measuring its properties, to using it as a tool to search for new physics.